Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday afternoon

Decorated my walls with pages from old magazines
some Hedi...
and Daisy
walked to west end with this album on repeat
had "lunch" in soho
brought home my favourite red velvet and a s´moreanne
Stopped by Selfridges cause they have the best W H Smith. But I was really surprised to find two of my favourite international magazines there, austrian Material girl and australian Frankie!
Best day ever! ♥


This can be one of the best movies this year!
and as if that wasn´t good enough: the music is written by Alex Turner


Monday, March 28, 2011


Saturday started with breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Notting Hill Gate, bacause it´s my favorite restaurant and because I work there!
After that we walked down Portobello Road
as always talking about how amazing it wolud be to live in a pastel house
The market has everything, I like the old books with golden pages

and the mini instruments
Looked at pretty cakes and cupcakes at Hummingbird, but we were still full from breakfast so we didn´t buy anything
The Hummingbird bakery has a bigger shop/café in South Kensington that I would recommend more than the tiny, crowded one on Portobello Road
We left the market halfway cause it was a bit overcrowded and walked down towards Kensington where the trees were blossoming
Went to the showroom of this amazing swedish designduo, chatted with one of them for about an hour about beaches and Liam Gallagher and then realised we were running late
Cause we were meeting friends for afternoon tea
and Ladurée is the best place for that according to me
It feels like having tea in a palace
I chose the rose tea this time, it was really nice
Waited for our order
First the teas
and then a lot of cakes, pastries and small sandwiches
salmon sandwich
More tea
and beautiful decorations
We never got to the bottom because we just were so full...
So we paid and left with the rest in bags instead!
Just had the last one for lunch
Tarte Framboise Passion nom nom


It´s five in the afternoon and i´m in bed with leftover Ladurée pastries and a hangover that keeps me from doing basically anything that involves moving... So the most useful thing i´ve done so far is going through all my photos from this lovely weekend!
Here´s the part of my friday:
Cute collection of Penguinbooks

Went to Neals Yard in Covent Garden. Dark alley...

and then colors colors colors!

I bought my favourite cheese
Perroche, wich is a medium soft goat cheese. Taste like heaven!

Found a t-shirt that I want
 Then we went to my favourite café in London

It´s Maison Bertaux and you find it on Greek street
The interior is amazing
And they have the best cakes and pastries

I had this one, because rasberry and cream is my favourite combination!

hot chocolate
We sat for a long time and enjoyed the sun

Felt like summer

And this was the last picture on that friday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The very best song from Brightons finest Metronomy has now a video!

Cannot wait til the new album!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Just booked tickets to Tuscany! 
I hope it´s gonna be a little preview of summer, wich I´ve longed for since autumn!
Last summer was a bit like this...

Pictures from my flickr